The Convention Game

You are about to be part of another ground breaking convention, where one lucky attendee will become the honorary chair of the next year's convention. As the honorary chair, the winner will get a free room on the staff floor, complete access to the 2016 convention, their character on the 2016 promotional product, be able to provide input into some aspects of the convention, and the right to sit on the throne during functions during the 2016 convention. The more active you and your house are the better chance you have to win, however, it will still be possible to do nothing but attend the convention and still win the game! The winner will be chosen through the convention game by a two step process.

The First Step: Choosing the Ruling House

House Influence

The total house influence will be calculated from four parts of the game: panel attendance, tournaments, the marketplace, and the War Room. Whichever house has the most points at the end of the convention elevates their most personally influential member to be the new Con Chair!

Panel attendance

Each attendee at a panel will earn notoriety for their house by giving it a public face. But, naturally, if the assembled public has no idea who the attendee is, it is of less value to the house! Houses will earn:


The tournaments are a place for attendees to prove their skills and put on a display of character for the whole kingdom to see. Those who show themselves worthy earn not only personal glory but recognition for their house and it's capability to rule. Even the lowliest of serfs can attain notoriety by overcoming all opponents and attaining an unexpected victory while the highest ranking of lords may find themselves outperformed.

All participants in the tournament earn their normal house points for competing. But remember, those with enough wealth can always put forward a wager for a rematch to upset the balance! Personal duels, while fun for spectators, are not of sufficient notoriety for them to alter a house's points. They will only count for personal reputation.

The Marketplace

Central to any well-functioning kingdom is the marketplace where subjects of all ranks mingle to acquire their wares. Thus, the vendors that work all day in the market are critical to upholding the standards of their house and promoting its splendor. Houses compete with one another to be the most visible throughout the market. Whichever house spends the most money in the Den on a given day will earn 100 points at the end of the market day as well as 5 resources to be used in the War Room.

The War Room

The War Room is the battle at large taking place between the houses outside the festival at which they all pretend to be getting along. Players will have the opportunity to finance armies, purchase territories for their house, and help lead the attack against the other houses!

The Second Step: Personal Influence, Wealth, Power, and Backing

Personal Influence System

Personal Influence will be won throughout the course of the convention by assisting the convention, engaging in con activities, and exploring the city of Rochester and so on. Anybody who is actively engaged in the convention has a reasonable shot at being crowned the King! Wealth is only one factor in the calculation of Personal Influence this year. Achievements can be verified at the Ironside Bank table (in Dealers Den). The calculation is:

Total points from achievements and awards + (personal wealth/house wealth)*RankModifier = Influence

Thus, personal wealth is reckoned as a percentage of intra-house wealth to compare the person with their peers. The Rank Modifiers are:

The Monetary System:

Hexagonal and Round Coins:

You have been supplied with hexagonal coins of the realm at registration based on the day you picked up your registration and the level of your registration. These coins can be used throughout the convention to wager on contests, to make alliances by donating them to another player, to offer rewards for good deeds done for you, or to purchase resources for your house to use in the War Room. As in real life, the more coins the better, so get them however you can! Be cunning, be light of finger, have sticky paws, be wise in your choices, be bold in your bets, be brave in your contests, and get as many as you can. Even if you don't want to win, you can accumulate wealth to back another fur that might. This year the coins are worth the following points:

The Ironside Bank

In the Dealer's den there will be a banker. You can bring all or some of your coins to the banker at any time to keep them safe from theft or loss, however, when they are in the bank you can't use them, they are locked up and kept safe. Keep in mind ALL coins must be turned into the banker by NOON on Monday, in order to count. Loose coins will continue to be collected, however, they will not be used to determine the winner. So turn your coins in EARLY.

Table of Achievements

Award Name Number of Levels Points Awarded How to Unlock the Achievement
Early Bird 1 1 Register during Early Bird period
Spender 1 1 Withdraw coins from your Bank account
Saver 1 1 Deposit coins in your Bank account
Food Taster 1,2,3 1,2,4 Present receipts for dining in non National chain restaurants in Rochester (1 per level)
Scholar 1,2,3 1,2,4 Attend panels (3 per level)
Competitor 1,2,3 1,2,4 Participate in Competitions/Tournaments (2 per level)
Socialite 1,2,3 1,2,4 Gain friends (5 per level)
Questor 1 4 Find the 10 QR codes hidden in the Convention and assemble the message
Duelist 1,2,3 1,2,4 Participate in Duels (1 Duel 1st level, complete 2 more (3 in total) for 2nd, and 3 more (6 in total) for 3rd)
Proporly Atired 1 1 Wear your proper attire (Fursuit) in the parade
Properly Armored 1 1 Wear armor sometime throught the convention
Properly Attired and Armored 1 1 Wear your proper attire (Fursuit) with armor in the parade
Banner Fur 1 1 Carry your house's Offical Sheild or Offical Flag in the Parade
Aide to the Kingdom 1, 2, 3 4, 8, 16 Volunteer time for the Convention (3 hours per level)
Literate 1 2 There is a message in the ConBook, read it, find it!
Miester 1 4 Run a panel
The Book of Faces 1 1 Follow us on FaceBook
The Twitter of Birds 1 1 Follow us on Twitter and Tweet positively about the con
Take a Tumble 1 1 Follow us on Tumblr and post a picture from the con
That's so Raven 1,2,3 2,4,8 Send us pictures of you wearing your FurryCon T-shirts (2 Pictures per level.)
Return of the Hero 1,2 1,3 Have attended EotWC or GoCC season 1 (1 con per level)
Jouster 1 2 Participated in the Joust, In fursuit or not
Taxation with representation 1 3 Create a resource by donating gold
Well Dressed 1 3 Wear a costume during the weekend and enter the costume contest
Card Flopper 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 4 Participate in MTG games (including but not limited to tournaments) 2 hands per level
Table Topper 1 1 Play a table top game durring the weekend
High Roller 1 1 Play in the poker tournament
Vidiot Gamer 1,2,3 1,2,4 Play Video Games (2 per level)
Medalist 1,2,3 2,4,8 Place in a competition and win a medal. 3rd place is level 1, 2nd place is level 2, and 1st place is level 3 (1 award per medal)
SUCKER!!!!!!!!! 1 -999 Be a FurryCon Staffer

The War Room Rules


HOUSES acquire LANDS by buying them with RESOURCES, or by CONQUEST. An unowned LAND may be passed through by any army, but until it has been bought, no army occupying the LAND may use THE DEFENSE OF THE LAND.

Buying lands with gold

A HOUSE can buy LANDS with RESOURCES if they are not already occupied. Or a HOUSE could buy LANDS from a competing HOUSE if they agree to the transaction. Unoccupied lands cost two RESOURCES for every point of DEFENSE the land has.No more than 2 LANDS may be bought by a HOUSE each turn.


A HOUSE can conquer lands with ARMIES. To conquer a LAND, a HOUSE must have an ARMY adjacent to that LAND. They then ATTACK. If their ARMY is equal-to or larger than the DEFENDING ARMY + the DEFENSE OF THE LAND then possession of that land will go to the attacking house, and all titles to that land will be revoked. That HOUSE may now use THE DEFENSE OF THE LAND when stationed there.

If the ATTACKING ARMY wins, the size of said army will be reduced by the size of the DEFENDING ARMY + THE DEFENSE OF THE LAND. The DEFENDING ARMY will be destroyed.

If the DEFENDING ARMY wins, the size of the said army will be reduced by the size of the (ATTACKING ARMY – THE DEFENSE OF THE LAND).

If multiple ARMIES engage simultaneously without any alliances, they all do damage simultaneously as well. Each ATTACKING ARMY is reduced by the size of the other ATTACKING ARMY/IES + the DEFENDING ARMY + THE DEFENSE OF THE LAND. The DEFENDIND ARMY is reduced by the size of the ATTACKING ARMY - THE DEFENSE OF THE LAND for each ATTACKING ARMY.

If there are any alliances between ARMIES, those forces count as one ARMY for the purposes of calculating losses. Any damages suffered may be divided between the allied ARMIES in proportion to the agreement of the HOUSES.

Massing Armies


Raising Armies

ARMIES may be purchased with GOLD and placed on any LAND that a HOUSE owns. These ARMIES will immediately be useful for DEFENSE, but cannot MOVE OR ATTACK until the next day.

Moving Armies

An Army can move 1 tile every day through allied or unoccupied territories, 2 tiles through territory of its own HOUSE, or attack an adjacent territory.


If a HOUSE owns all of the LANDS in a region, they will earn House Points for each turn they maintain ownership of the region.


The Head of House can initiate an alliance with other heads of house which grants their ARMIES special allowances in the War Room. These alliances must be signed by both Heads of House and notarized by two members of each HOUSE of at least Knight rank. Alliances convey no other bonuses during the convention.


Every territory controlled by a HOUSE generates RESOURCES between turns. CITIES generate 2 RESOURCES per turn and PROVINCES generate 1 RESOURCE per turn. This RESOURCE may be spent in the War Room itself or be converted into 100 monetary units by the Head of House and put into circulation in the convention proper.

Players may also spend 100 monetary units to convert into one RESOURCE in order to finance ARMIES and buy LAND.


Rounds will take place at 9:30 AM, 11:15 AM, 1:15 PM, 3:15 PM, 5:15 PM and 7:15 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each HOUSE may submit one move set. This move set must be submitted at least 15 minutes prior to the Round. It is up to the HOUSE to determine how this move set is submitted. It is suggested that players who have sponsored an army be consulted and especially considered for being the persons to submit the moves. Purchases of ARMIES and LANDS may happen at any time between rounds.


If a HOUSE owns all of the LANDS in a region, they will earn House Points for each turn they maintain ownership of the region.


Players can earn personal achievements for sponsoring ARMIES and purchasing LANDS. The Rules are subject to change before or during the convention.