DJ Applications

Greetings and salutations my fellow High Fidelity Music Makers!

That time has come once again to don your headphones and crank your speakers to put together your very best mixes for Furrycon 2015! We'll be doing the judging and selecting this year by a panel of fellow DJ's and producers as I'm quite aware of how annoying it can be to not have any idea as to how qualified or who exactly is looking at what you put in.

Now here's the meat and potatoes of what we're looking for this year, we need a demo mix of about 30-45 minutes of your mixing style and abilities to get a feel of what you're bringing to the table. Take us on a journey from start to finish and show us what you can really do when you put the hammer down! This is your chance to have a shot in the spotlight, so give us both barrels and don't hold back!

Mixes will be accepted December 11th through January 17th. Links to mixes and any questions may be sent to

Good luck to all entrants and keep the people dancin!


FurryCon Dance Coordinator

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