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Frozen Oasis

Frozen Oasis is a is a group led by Etheras and Soron that holds parties on Friday nights at several conventions around the United States, usually including a dance room with live DJs and a laser light show. In the bar area/party room, frozen golden margaritas and strawberry daiquiris are typically served, however the drinks can and do change to reflect the convention’s theme, as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

How did this all come about?

Frozen Oasis was born out of the principle of “if you don't like something, do it yourself”. While at Further Confusion 2006, Etheras and Soron attended the Klingon run Black Hole Party and loved how the Klingons didn’t care who any one was. It didn’t escape us that it was very well received party and everyone had a ton of fun.

Etheras and Soron didn't like how a lot of furry parties seemed to be elitist and popufur only kind of things, so they decide to make a killer room party where all their guests felt like GoHs and to create a place where any fur could hang out from the newest newb to the super well known furs. Inspired by the Black Hole Party status wouldn't matter, we were all just furs having fun. Additionally, they didn't like how a lot of cons have themes but don't do much with them so Etheras and Soron ensured that the Frozen Oasis parties always are engrossed around the con's theme.

So, you just throw room parties?

Frozen Oasis has redefined the term “room party.”

The team entirely transforms two connecting hotel rooms, a suite, or a convention room into a nightclub and bar. The beds, desks, chairs lamps and other furnishings are moved and hidden behind wall drapes and curtains so you would never know you were in a hotel room. They also typically line the dance area walls in Mylar film to add the lighting’s effects.

The sound system and light shows are typically leaps and bounds ahead of the convention’s dances. A lot of the most popular cons are just now catching up to where we were in 2009. Entertaining you for the evening are some of the fandom’s best DJs spinning the day’s best dance music.

Frozen Oasis parties have also been used by patrons as their birthday parties, as well as other significant lifetime events such as wedding receptions and anniversary parties.

How many conventions have you set up at? How many parties have there been?

The Frozen Oasis has set up at 6 conventions around the country and they are: Further Confusion, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Morphicon, Anthrocon, Mephit Fur Meet, and Fur Fright. Frozen Oasis has also hosted parties at Soron’s residences in and around Rochester, NY. Since Friday February 17th, 2006 Frozen Oasis has hosted 25 parties (17 at conventions).

How did Frozen Oasis evolve into a convention?

With all good things an end must come. The party grew far too popular to be contained in a set of hotel rooms. Room blocking mistakes on the part of the hotel and the unavoidable noise complaints caused by them and given the fact that there was just no way they could stuff anymore furs into a set of adjoining rooms, Etheras and Soron made the decision to not host a party at a convention unless it was in con space and could be done properly.